I really like music, but then again, who doesn't? I'm quite partial to classic rock, and in this section you will find loads of info about different bands, albums, and songs! Maybe you'll find something interesting. Or maybe you'll be disappointed by the lack of new music (my apologies). A couple notes:

  1. I play drumset. The guitar confuses me (on multiple levels). I comment a lot on drumbeats, but I can barely tell you if the guitar sound is acoustic or electric.
  2. I am definitely not a writer for a music magazine, as you'll be able to tell from my writing abilities. I don't read back much of what I write, but it probably looks like "blah blah this song is great, blah, drum beat." Sorry.
  3. Sometimes I listen to songs, and by the time it gets to the guitar solo, I've zoned out. So I'm not the best person to ask for which songs have the best solos. Also, see point 1.

Timeline of Classic Rock Albums

illu appetite sion

Guns N' Roses

illusion paradise brave


Led Zeppelin



van 1984 5150

Van Halen

ghost synch zenyatta

The Police

2112 counter moving


Music Videos

gnr asia talkingheads

Bands You Should Listen To (If You Don't Already)

policelive rush strangers

Favorite Live Albums