Song Recommendations for Bands You Should Listen To
(If You Don't Already)

You've heard of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who. But what about all those other great rock groups? Here's a list of some/most of my favorite bands, with some song recommendations that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

aliceAlice In Chains

Not as famous as Nirvana, this group also originated from the grunge scene in Seattle. I like them because they're a little darker than Nirvana, but not as intense-sounding as metal groups like Metallica.

allmanAllman Brothers Band

A nice southern rock group, similar to Lynryd Skynyrd. They're known for their lengthy jams, such as "Eat a Peach." Some of their shorter jam songs are great too, as you shall soon read!

bstBlood, Sweat, and Tears

Looking for jazz rock? Look no further than this funky group, with a bunch of great hits!

carsThe Cars

Although they have a new wave sound, The Cars maintain a nice simple rock sound too.

clashThe Clash

Maybe you know them, maybe you just recognize "Rock the Casbah" for having confusing lyrics. The Clash borders on punk, but not so punkish that they're painful to listen to. They are very reggae influenced, which is more noticable in their slower songs.

ccrCreedence Clearwater Revival

Another groovin' southern rock band, John Fogarty adds his great vocals to this group.

depecheDepeche Mode

This is one of my favorite synth pop groups. They have some really great synthesizer songs, although they often have a darker feel to their songs.

direDire Straits

Who doesn't love some Mark Knopfler? The man is a guitar master, and their songs really show it. This band has some amazing hits.

duranDuran Duran

Another one of my favorite synth pop groups, they are much more upbeat than Depeche Mode.

eloElectric Light Orchestra (ELO)

This group is awesome, because it's a rock band plus an orchestra. How is that not awesome? It is. This group has a lot of upbeat songs, but just as many mellow ones to keep you relaxed and enjoying your day.


AC/DC wasn't the only band to come out of Australia! I like them because they're considered new wave, but they're more of a rock band with new wave influences. They have some really nice guitar and other stuff going on!

jgeilsThe J Geils Band

The J Geils Band is notable for its bluesy feel and inclusion of horns and the occasional harmonica. The lyrics are often amusing too!

motleyMotley Crue

This metal band is great to listen to, with plenty of rock ballads and other hair metal tracks to enjoy.

neworderNew Order

This group originated from new wave group Joy Division after the death of the lead singer. They became much more synthesizer-involved, and I enjoy their music much more than their previous work. This is definitely a great band to listen to if you like the new wave synthesizer sound.

paulPaul Simon

Originally 50% of Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon is probably my favorite singer/songwriter. I really enjoy his use of African percussion, styles, and vocals.

sleighSleigh Bells

This is pretty much the only group on the list from the 21st century. I heard their first album "Treats" in my History of Rock Music class, and I was instantly hooked. If you like electronic music, this is some pretty cool stuff to listen to.

steelydanSteely Dan

This is a great jazz rock group to listen to! They're not as straight-laced as BST or Chicago, but they really show their jazz roots with their brass section.

talkingheadsTalking Heads

tdnThree Dog Night

Three Dog Night is a little bit softer rock than most of these other groups, but they still make for a fun listen!


Traffic combines jazz and psychedelic rock, Traffic's music is pretty out there, but the bring it home with brass/sax hits and rockin' piano.

sonicUriah Heep

This rock group is considered one of the originators of heavy metal. Not as dark as Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, they are distinct for their smooth vocals and use of keyboards. They have produced over 20 albums, but sadly I can only give my opinion based on two. I shall try my best.


This new wave group is not well-known at all, but they have some great singles if you're looking for something new, interesting, and different. They have lots of interesting guitar parts, along with some cool sound effects and strange lyrics.


One of the greatest progressive rock groups of all time, Yes has had numerous lineups and countless members over the years. The "classic" lineup, consisting of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Alan White, Chris Squire, and Geoff Downes, has produced some of the most epic prog rock songs you can find. Many of them are quite long, so take a seat and stay a while!