Welcome to the most kickass website on the interwebs, as voted by me. I began this website in 2014 when I was "bored out of my gourd" and needed something to do. I taught myself html (of which I learned very little as you can tell from the design) and created this as a window into my cerebral functions. I have sporadically added pages as my challenging medical student life allows. Please enjoy at your leisure!



So there's a lot more free time during night shift trauma than you might expect. I was able to add many of the good books I've read during medical school to the recommended book lists. I'm also working on a section to help with getting through 3rd year rotations, so look out for that!


I am about to start my 5th month out of 6 of surgery rotations in medical school (3rd out of 3 urology rotation). Unfortunately fun website updating is not high on the priority list. Fear not, for it shall be much improved once I have more free time and to make it look nice for all the residency programs!


It's taken almost 2.5 years, but the fish section is finally complete! Every fish family (according to Nelson 2006) has been given a description of any/all interesting traits, and a picture (if available on the interwebs). I will try adding more pictures (with citations) so you can see what your favorite fish looks like. I'll also try to add a "best of" section, for when you want to skip all the boring fishes and go straight to the coolest, most awesome ones.

Other plans for the website: I'm going to try to add more books, since I've read 2 or 3 since I last updated those sections. Maybe I'll even talk about my favorite textbook (surprise, it's Robbins). I'm on clinical rotations right now and I think it would be cool to put some of the more useful things I've learned onto the website as well. I'm trying to add some band pages for my favorite bands that can't be summed up with just 6-10 songs. Van Halen, Rush, The Police...good music. I think I still have some programs to add to the TI Basic section as well. Maybe I'll even do something with the periodic table page? Who knows?