Nate's Guide to Dallas

It's been slightly over a year since I moved to Dallas to start my residency. The hours are long and the stress is high, but fortunately living in such an amazing city has been my saving grace. I've made efforts to explore the neighborhoods, try new things, and take as many photos as possible. And that's why I want to share my favorite spots with you!

Nate's Dallas Hardcore Highlights

Medical District

Home to UTSW and Parkland, it's obvious where Medical District gets its name. Both hospitals have built enormous campuses and are continuing to expand. The neighborhood is making efforts to catch up. It's also home to Love Field, Southwest Airlines' main airport.

Oak Lawn

The next area over is Oak Lawn, slightly more sprawling with loads of restaurants and other activities. It's very residential and is known for being Dallas's "gayborhood," hosting the annual pride parade until it recently moved to Fair Park.

Design District

This is one of my favorite neighborhoods. It's been hit by gentrification in some parts, but others maintain a low-key vibe making it easy to get around and enjoy.


The more upscale, city-living area in Dallas. Great for walking around and living your fanciest lifestyle. I've lumped Uptown, Victory Park, and Harwood District all together.


Downtown Dallas is a surprisingly interesting area. It's crazy easy to drive around on the weekends, unexpectedly. It's relatively easy to park and wander around, checking out all the little parks and monuments.

Highland Park

A super fancy neighborhood in North Dallas, the size and design of these houses will blow your mind. It's fun to just take a cruise up and down the streets. Although it's a small area, there's some cool places to check out.

Deep Ellum

Welcome to the hipster Dallas neighborhood. It's a combination of upscale restaurants/bars and more divey places. Even though it's just three streets stretching a few blocks, there's loads of food to eat and murals to peruse.

(North)East Dallas

This area contains Lower Greenville, Knox/Henderson, Lakewood, White Rock Lake, and other bits.

South Dallas

South Dallas, more specifically the areas bordering the southern edge of the Trinity river, are some of my favorite areas in all of Dallas. There's a ton of new restaurants and shops popping up constantly, it's going to be interesting to see how the area changes in the coming years. Neighborhoods include Bishop Arts, Sylvan 30, and Trinity Groves.

North Dallas

All the places north of Highland Park. This includes Carrollton and the like.

West Dallas

This area includes pretty much anything west of Medical District, such as Irving, Las Colinas, and Arlington.