Erectile Dysfunction Evaluation

Initial Evaluation

Thorough evaluation of erectile dysfunction, from Campbell's


Key Questions

  1. Are you able to obtain + sustain an erection satisfactory for intercourse?
  2. Do you have morning and/or nocturnal erections?
  3. Are you able to masturbate?


Further Diagnostics

Invasive Texting

Adjunct testing

Expected test findings

Test Arterial insufficiency Venous leak Psychogenic ED
NPTR Poor erection Good erection
ICI + stimulation
Penile ultrasound PSV < 30cm/s
PSV < 60cm/s (sum of R + L)
cavernous artery diameter < 0.7mm
Normal PSV, EDV < 3cm/s
RI ≤ 0.8
No abnormalities
Cavernosometry No abnormalities Flow to maintain < 3mL/min
IC pressure decay > 45mmHg in 30s
Cavernosography Venous drainage visualized
CASOP Brachial SBP - CASOP < 35mmHg No abnormalities
Penile brachial index PBI ≤ 0.7

Cardiac evaluation

Importance of evaluation

Princeton III criteria