Pediatric Oncology

Neuroblastoma Staging, from Campbell's

International Neuroblastoma Risk Group classification, from Campbell's

Wilms tumor COG staging, from Campbell's

Location of rhabdomyosarcoma lymph node metastases, from Campbell's

Preop rhabdomyosarcoma staging, from Campbell's

Postop rhabdomyosarcoma clinical grouping, from Campbell's

Rhabdomyosarcoma risk stratification (includes preop staging and postop clinical group), from Campbell's

Testis GCT staging, from Campbell's

Algorithm for management of prepubertal testis tumors, from Campbell's

Renal and adrenal tumors


Nephroblastoma (Wilms tumor)

Other renal tumors

Bladder and prostate tumors


Other bladder tumors

Female genital tumors


Ovarian tumors

Testicular and paratesticular tumors

Prepubertal testis tumors

Paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma