Prostatitis and Associated Conditions

Litwin, Mark S., et al. "The National Institutes of Health chronic prostatitis symptom index: development and validation of a new outcome measure." The Journal of urology 162.2 (1999): 369-375.

Acute prostatitis (I)

Definitions of prostatitis

Evaluation of acute prostatitis

Sepsis after prostate biopsy

Chronic Prostatitis (II)



Chronic Prostatitis + Pelvic Pain Syndrome (IIIa+IIIb)

Clemens, J. Quentin, et al. "Validation of a modified National Institutes of Health chronic prostatitis symptom index to assess genitourinary pain in both men and women." Urology 74.5 (2009): 983-987.



Treatment via UPOINT system

Types of Prostatitis (in table form)

NIH Classification Acute bacterial prostatitis (I) Chronic bacterial prostatitis (II) Chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome
Inflammatory (IIIa)
Chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain syndrome
Non-inflammatory (IIIb)
Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (IV)
Risk Factors Unprotected intercourse
Phimosis/strictures (distal obstruction)
I/O catheterization
Clinical presentation UTI symptoms
Systemic symptoms
Pelvic pain
Recurrent UTIs with same organism
Treatment PO/IV antibiotics x2-4 weeks
6mo if TB related
Antibiotics x4-6 weeks
Key Differentiation Acute infectious symptoms Recurrent UTIs with same organism Pelvic pain in absence of infectious symptoms

Prostate Abscesses



Other types of prostatitis

Granulomatous prostatitis

IgG4 prostatitis

Nickel, J. Curtis. "Chronic epididymitis: a practical approach to understanding and managing a difficult urologic enigma." Reviews in urology 5.4 (2003): 209.


Acute orchitis

(Chronic) Orchalgia

Granulomatous orchitis


Acute epididymitis

Chronic epididymitis

Pontari, M. "Inflammatory and Pain Conditions of the Male Genitourinary Tract: Prostatitis and Related Pain Conditions, Orchitis, and Epididymitis." Campbell-Walsh-Wein Urology. 12th ed. Elsevier (2020): 1202-1223.

Non-Medical (Invasive) Therapies for Chronic Scrotal Pain

Minimally invasive therapies