Renovascular Hypertension

Management of atherosclerotic RAS, from Campbell's

Renal artery stenosis/aneurysm

Criteria for workup of renovascular HTN

Renal artery stenosis

RAS Management

Renal artery aneurysms

Management of fibromuscular dysplasia, from Campbell's

Fibromuscular Dysplasia

Fibromuscular dysplasia types

Type % total Cause Demographic Location Angiographic appearance Progression? Renal Failure?
Medial fibroplasia 75-85% Medial layer fibrosis Women 25-50yo Distal renal artery
extending into branches
String of beads Minimal No
Perimedial fibroplasia 10-25% Collagen deposits in outer medial layer Women 5-15yo Midrenal artery
extending into branches
String of beads Yes (occlusion) Yes
Intimal fibroplasia 10% Collagen deposits in intimal layer Children and young adults Proximal renal artery Stenosis with distal aneurysm/dissection Yes (occlusion) Yes
Medial hyperplasia 2-3% Smooth muscle hyperplasia without fibrosis