That Time I Drove to Detroit for No Reason

STOPS: Belle Isle, Hart Plaza, Frita Batidos, Michigan Stadium, Beer Grotto

Never been to Detroit before. So I decided to go! After being in Buffalo for Passover, I decided to take the "long way home" through Canada, stopping in Detroit and Ann Arbor. Having a Nexus made the border crossing as easy as possible. I only stopped in Canada to get some Iced Capp at Tim Horton's before crossing back near Windsor into the US via the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. I checked out Belle Isle, which for a cold but sunny April day was pretty scenic. I then found my way to Hart Plaza to see the Spirit of Detroit, Monument to Joe Louis, and a couple other sculptures. I hopped on the highway to go to Ann Arbor. Got some fritas and batidos at Frita Batidos, then went to the robot store and bought some comics (couldn't resist). I made a detour to the Michigan stadium and bookstore before meeting up with a fellow urology applicant at the Beer Grotto. From there, it was just a short 3 hour drive back to Cleveland! Can finally check Michigan off my list!

Detroit and Windsor View from Belle Isle Waterfront statue Hart Plaza sculpture Awesome metal halo Transcending Interesting sculpture I'm blocking the computer mouse Science, tech, and even music Joe Louis Intense Spirit of Detroit Looking fly Intense Cornell and some other random school