United States Coins

There have been a variety of coin designs used in the past for the USA, as well as bicentennial and other limited edition coins. Below are my favorites, some common and some rare.

Indian Head Pennies

indian_front indian_back indianhead_front indianhead_back

Wheat Pennies

wheat1 wheat2

2 Cent Coin

1864-2cent_front 1864-2cent_back

Buffalo Nickel

buffalo_front buffalo_back

Mercury Dime

mercury_front mercury_back

Standing Liberty Quarter

liberty_front liberty_back

Bicentennial Quarter

bicentennial_front bicentennial_back

U.S. Territories Quarters

dc puertorico guam virginisland samoa mariana

Kennedy-Half Dollar

jfk_front jfk_back jfkbicentennial_back

Eisenhower Dollar

eisenhower_front eisenhower_back

Susan B. Anthony Dollar

sba_front sba_back