Coins from Islands

Island coins are some of my favorites, because they often have super cool pictures of different local animals on the currency, or pictures of the ocean.

Antillean Cent (1952)

antilles1952-1cent_front antilles1952-1cent_back

Antillean Cent (1971)

antilles1971-1cent_front antilles1971-1cent_back

Antillean 2.5 Cents

antilles-cent_front antilles-cent_back

Antillean 1/10 Gulden

antilles-tgulden_front antilles-tgulden_back

Australian Penny

australia1_front australia1_back

Australian 2 Cents

australia2_front australia2_back

Bahamian Penny

bahamas1_front bahamas1_back

Bahamaian Nickel

bahamas-5c_front bahamas-5c_back

Bahamian Quarter

bahamas25_front bahamas25_back

Bermudan Nickel

bermuda5_front bermuda5_back

Bermudan Quarter

bermuda25_front bermuda25_back

Caymanian Nickel

cayman5_front cayman5_back

Caymanian Dime

cayman10_front cayman10_back

Caymanian Quarter

cayman25_front cayman25_back

Curacaoan 1/4 Gulden

curacao-qgulden_front curacao-qgulden_back

Fijian Penny

fiji1_front fiji1_back

Fijian 3 Pence

fiji3_front fiji3_back

Jamaican Penny

jamaica1_front jamaica1_back

Jamaican Nickel

jamaica5_front jamaica5_back

New Zealand Florin

nz1_front nz1_back

Filipino Nickel

philippines5_front philippines5_back

Filipino Dime

philippines10_front philippines10_back

Filipino Quarter

philippines25_front philippines25_back

Filipino (US Territory) Penny

philippinesusa1_front philippinesusa1_back

Filipino (US Territory) Dime

philippinesusa10_front philippinesusa10_back

Filipino (US Territory) 20 Cents

philippinesusa20_front philippinesusa20_back

British Territory 2 Cents

territory2_front territory2_back

British Territory 10 Cents

territory10_front territory10_back