Coins from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

Algerian 1 Centime

algeria1_front algeria1_back

Egyptian 2 Piastres

egypt2_front egypt2_back

Hong Kong Dollar

hongkong_front hongkong_back

Indian 1/4 Anna

india-quarter_front india-quarter_back

Indian 1 Pice

india1pice_front india1pice_back

Indian 10 Paise

india10paise_front india10paise_back

Iranian Dinar

iran1_front iran1_back

Moroccan Franc

morocco1_front morocco1_back

South African Quarter Penny

southafrica-qpenny_front southafrica-qpenny_back

Thai Baht

thai1baht_front thai1baht_back

Thai 5 Baht

thai5baht_front thai5baht_back

Thai 10 Baht

thai10baht_front thai10baht_back

Tunisian 10 Centimes

tunisia10_front tunisia10_back

Tunisian Franc

tunisia1_front tunisia1_back

United Arab Emirates Dirham

uae1_front uae1_back

Vietnamese Dong

vietnam1dong_front vietnam1dong_back

Vietnamese 10 Dong

vietnam10dong_front vietnam10dong_back