Urodynamic Lingo

The Cs of Urodynamics

Broad classifications for voiding dysfunction

UDS Measurements

Abnormal UDS Findings

Abrams Griffiths / ICS nomogram, from Campbell's

Schafer nomogram, from Campbell's

Interpreting UDS

Filling phase

Detrusor overactivity

  • Urodynamic finding, may (not) be unrelated to OAB symptoms
  • Seen in 14-18% normal patients, 50% who report urge incontinence may not demonstrate DO on UDS
  • Terminal: occurs at cystometric capacity resulting in incontinence and possible bladder emptying
  • Only 60-70% men and 40-50% with dry OAB demonstrate DO, whereas 90+% men with wet OAB will demonstrate DO
  • Coexistent BOO may affect efficacy of OAB treatments (cause urinary retention), but OAB symptoms may improve if BOO is treated
  • Terminal DO at diminished capacity is most likely predictor that OAB symptoms will persist after treating BOO
  • Emptying phase


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