Vermont Adventure Pictures

Day 1: National Aviary

'murica They smell my fear New friend? Two new friends! Scoping things out Diving Splashy splashy Stylish Tiny ducky Phlamingoes What a fly haircut Two stylish dudes Tiny birdies Yellowish birdy Giant eagle He's spotted me Oi wuts that I caught them trying to escape Bird on the floor Chirping for treats 3-D beak 3's a crowd Fake birds

Day 1b: Feeding the Lorikeets

Feeding the lorikeets He wants more food Mmmmm tasty That's not food... Omnomnom Zipper isn't food? U sure? Rly sure? Darn.

Day 2: PA Adventures

Flight 93 memorial walk Flight 93 memorial wall Flight 93 memorial building Disgraceful billboard near the memorial Random rural PA lookout point My pic with the Mutter Museum

Day 3: Cushing Center at Yale

"hey man let me outta this box" Brains, brains everywhere Not creepy at all I'll be careful!

Day 3: Dinosaur State Park

The dino dome! Real dino footprints! So excited for dinos I love old timey dioramas Guarding the fossil tracks T rex footprint! Fossil poop Walkin' the boards Canopy views

Day 3: Southern Vermont Adventures

I can see New Hampshire from here Can't find the petroglyphs anywhere! Oh wait they're at the bottom of the bridge Phineas Gage monument Hangin' with my boy Dr. Smoke-n-stein

Day 3: Ben & Jerry's Factory

Ice cream time! Mmmmm maple walnut Ice cream graveyard

Day 3: Other Adventures

Cleveland with a Cleveland shirt Amazing lake view Unprecedented reflection Burlington sunset at Lake Champlain

Day 4: Burlington Adventures

Global warming? Soaked my shoe in this Found the tiny Champ monument! Homeless Elmo Almost as tall as the world's tallest filing cabinet Strange statues near a parking lot? Why... So creepy At least it takes a good selfie

Day 4: Montreal Biosphere

That's quite the sphere Measuring up I'm quite a snowfall Trapped in the dome But I don't mind So artsy

Day 4: Insectarium

Very colorful wings So iridescent Very blue morpho What a schnozz Hermaphrodite butterfly See-through wings Pretty eyespots He's coming for me The army has assembled

Day 4: Montreal Botanical Gardens

Yellow flowers Gross looking flower Tiny lime! Spiky leaf Yellow orchid Bananananananas Orchids for me Orchids for you Orchids with old man beards Starfruit Jackfruit! Can't even handle it Strange apple Tiny leafes Looks like a singed plant Fabulous firey flowers Flamingo flowers Yellow tufts Cactus with eyes Tall and skinny cacti Hilarious scientific name Ginkgo biloba! I don't even know Elephant foot tree Agave! Giant aloe plant Speckled flowers Tiny baby ferns Goose vs mecha-goose Pretty flowers Barren rock garden Japanese garden area

Day 4: More Montreal Adventures

Olympic stadium Rings, flame, and stadium Cathedral French snubbing the British British snubbing the French View from the hill I found a cross It's very large I'm very confused Looking down on Montreal

Day 5: Canadian Museum of Nature

Inflatable jellyfish Making metamorphic rocks This video rocks! Giant whale skeleton Excited for the ocean hall Mola mola Getting sucked into a rib cage Are the turds really necessary? Found a friend! Mega-horn Quit rubbernecking Fly like a giant prehistoric turtle I'm lunch Drizzly dinos

Day 5: Ottawa Adventures

When asked to surrender, he said "I have no reply to make other than from the mouth of my cannon." What a badass. Canadian tomb of the unknown soldier. Very moving. Flame in front of Parliament Parliament building War of 1812 monument AKA that time Canada kicked our ass

Day 5: Brampton Jam

Tony & Nate rockin' sick beats My rocker hairdo

Day 6: Toronto Adventures

This billboard is amazingly witty Squinting Crazy about Tim Hortons Partying hard Perspective shot LEBRONTOOOOOO CN Tower I feel short We're all short Cover for my album "Canada" Touching me, touching you CN tower at night

Day 6: Ripley's Aquarium

Xiphactinus Cool anemone Ampullae of Lorenzini! Trapped in a fish tank Not enough room Still a tight fit Tiny cuttlefish They're gathering to fight Giant isopod! Star wars day at the aquarium Jellyfish Just floating Is one jelly eating the other? Gathering that savory sunlight I'm a goner We're all fish

Day 7: More Toronto Adventures

Toronto sunrise Landscape shot Such a sophisticate TORONTOOOOOOO