Ah, the miracle of life. When two organisms entangle their body parts and one of them grows a parasite for 9 months. It's a romantic story! To gain a complete understanding of the reproductive systems, there are sections on male and female anatomy, the reproductive hormones (same page as for endocrine), pregnancy, gametogenesis, and contraceptives!

Gametogenesis/Gonadogenesis/Sex Differentiation

Where do gametes come from? Where do gonads come from? Where does a penis come from? The answers lie within...

Male Reproductive Anatomy

Now that you know where the penis comes from...what the heck is a penis anyways?

Female Reproductive Anatomy

What's the female equivalent to a penis? A clitoris? What's a clitoris? Boy, you sure ask a lot of questions...

Reproductive Hormones

Learn about the small molecules that make men and women do strange things.

Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, and Labor

Find out what happens when the interlocking anatomical parts do what they were made to do.


What if you don't want to grow a parasite just yet? Well, find out what precautions you can take!