This section has all the molecules, enzymes, and pathways that you could ever need, want, or desire for studying and learning biochem! I used Lippincott's, FirstAid, CalgaryGuide, and my lecture notes for the information.

Pathway Summaries

Confused about which pathway does what and where? Take a look at some quick summaries of all the biochemical pathways.

All Biochemistry, Alphabetized

What if you could read about every substrate, every enzyme, every alphabetical order? Well now you can!

Everything About Fat

Want to know about fat? Click here, read about fat! All about fat. Everything you ever wanted to know...about fat.

Fed and Fasted States

Biochemistry may seem like a lot of memorization, but it all comes together with understanding the different regulation of fed and fasted states. If you understand this regulation, you understand biochem (at least the basics).

Diabetes: A Biochemical Perspective

Diabetes screws up all those nice biochemical pathways you've been learning about. Block 2 taught us about the hormones of diabetes along with the complications. Now Block 3 shows exactly what happens when there's "no mo' insulin."